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True North Reef

Green Emerald Crab - (Mithraculus sculptus)

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Originating from the Caribbean reefs, the Emerald Crab, scientifically known as Mithraculus sculptus, boasts a distinctive appearance with its flat, green body and adorned with hairy legs.

The Emerald Crab is your tank's ultimate cleanup crew! This Caribbean native is a master scavenger, devouring leftover meats and pesky algae, including bubble algae. 

The Emerald Crab is a night owl, hiding in caves by day and emerging to feast on algae in well-structured tanks. Keep it well-fed with dried seaweed, shrimp, and pellet fish food to prevent it from snacking on corals or small fish.

This low-maintenance crab thrives in stable water conditions and enhances your tank's ecosystem, keeping it clean and balanced.